I’m Sara Louise, but most people know me as SL!


I’m a Realtor, South Carolina Native, design enthusiast, multi-hat wearer and dog lover. Working with buyers and sellers throughout the greater Charleston area is a privilege I could not be more thankful for.


My goal is not only to provide a successful buying or selling experience, but to help you turn your real estate vision into reality, and build a lasting relationship along the way.

Hey Y'all!


What I do differently

My belief is that doing a real estate transaction should be a very personal experience, and that’s exactly what I choose to offer. I am my own team. I choose to fly solo because it’s very important to me that my clients aren’t being bounced around from team member to team member. When you are working with me as your agent, I am always your main point of contact. I’m well connected with highly reputable mortgage brokers, attorneys, inspectors, contractors and just about any vendor you might need. I like to say that I wear a lot of hats in this business, so if you ever have a question and I don’t know the answer, I promise to find and deliver that answer to you as fast as I can. 

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions a person will make in their life. It’s not the same thing as paying for a fancy trip somewhere or getting a new boat, it’s buying property and putting your name on it. 

Maybe you’re relocating from another state with your family, but need to sell your current home first. Maybe you’re looking for information on profitable investment properties, or would like to learn more about flipping and selling. Maybe you want to sell your home in order to upsize or downsize. Maybe you’re a first time home buyer that has absolutely no idea where to even begin. Ask. Me. Anything. Let’s get a conversation going - I’ll make it my goal to help however I can.


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